What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System termed as IELTS, is the most popular test to check one’s proficiency in the English Language and also it is a pre-requisite to study abroad, migrate and work abroad for all foreign countries, mostly English speaking nations.
IELTS is recognized in 135 countries by more than 10,000 organizations, educational institutions, professional associations, employers and the governments as well.
The IELTS exam is designed by a group of experts who ensure that the test is fair and unbiased for every candidate regardless of their background, lifestyle, location, gender or nationality.


This Language Test assesses your level of ability in Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening.

The Duration of the test is maximum 3 hours.

There are 2 kinds of IELTS test:


General training is for the people who wish to migrate/ work in Australia, UK and Canada.

IELTS General Training Test – This comprises of extracts from newspapers, advertisements, magazines, notices and company handbooks. The extracts are based on the daily life and are used in an English-speaking surrounding.


The Academic test is for the people who wish to apply for their higher studies abroad.

IELTS Academic Test – This comprises of three long texts ranging from the factual and descriptive texts to the analytical and discursive texts. These are taken from journals, books, newspapers and magazines and are selected for the people going to begin a course at a university abroad or willing to begin a professional registration.

Both the tests are assessed on the basis of four components; Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Out of all 4 components, 3 components i.e. Reading, Writing and listening are completed on the same day itself within duration of 2 hrs 45 mins.Whereas, the Speaking test may happen anytime in a week before or after the other components are completed.

Online IELTS Training

AuzCan Immigration is providing online IELTS training to the prospective Students, Work Permit & PR Applicants. Being an Immigration Services Firm, we understand your requirements and work closely with clients to form strategic learning activities that will help them to achieve their target score. 

The next question that every client asks is that how can we study online?

Well, all you need is a stable internet connection, a mobile, i-pad, tablet, laptop or a desktop and if possible a set of headphones ( not mandatory; only incase you want to distract yourself from surround sounds), a notebook and a pen for taking notes. 

How to Enrol for Online Classes?

The seats are available on first come, first serve basis. All you need to do is contact us and get yourself assessed so that we can design a pathway for you. You will be able to study comfortably at home or office.

How can we benefit from AuzCan?

We have well equipped training systems, certified trainers, Update Material, Strategic classes, One on one sessions & Flexible Batches.